Our Approach

We are not trainers. We are patient.

We started this organization to help with two community issues:

a. Depression & loneliness in our community.

b. Over populated animal services.

Now, we find great dogs at animal services and then match them to their perfect human(s). Specifically, we sit to counsel folks on what they would like for themselves or their families. We ensure that what they seek or wish for fits their expectations. Then we help find their perfect friend. It is very similar to dog and human match making.

Specifically, we enjoy pulling older dogs and prepping them for a good life with an older or elderly human.

We do help dogs get to an emotional 'place' that meet human expectations. For example, reducing anxiety, pulling on walks, sit/stay/come commands. We make sure that they are neutered/spade and have all of their vaccines.

We fund our organization five ways:

  1. through partnerships with companies that sponsor dogs, monthly necessities wish list, bills, or food.
  2. through brand/vendor sponsorship.
  3. Subscribed members of the community that like what we do ($3.99, 8.99, 24.99, 99).
  4. Donations from people that use our behavioral, dog exercise, stay overs, check-ins, play dates, private field use.

Our Story

Dogs help heal humans. They reduce our sense of loneliness through companionship. I have experienced it first hand. Chances are that if you're reading this page - so have you.  I (Monica) started hanging out with dogs after my dad passed away when I was 6. Since then, dogs have often been part of my life. I first started to help dogs when I lived on an island of China. Perro Dog Dogs and My Dog Refuge are a product of wanting to treat these animals with kindness, patience, and compassion. Furthmore, it is important to have discipline in order to pull the dog's potential to us in a way that traditional training just doesn't.

I love working with "difficult" cases. It becomes a team effort with the owner and our dog behavioral team.

Meet The Pack.

Each one of these two-leggers contributes to the success of our four-leggers.


Regan McCook

Founder & CEO

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Eric Teagan

Vice President

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Timothy Barrett


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